A Fast Start to 2012

It has been a good few weeks since I wrote anything and put it up. Well that has been because of some very good reasons, but mostly due to a frenetic start to 2012.

So much has changed in the way we must operate in our company, and there is still so much for all to comprehend. But the sooner we become externally focussed again the better.

But I have set some clear personal objectives for myself. It is worth documenting them so that I can keep myself honest against them this year.

  • Have more fun at work
  • Educate myself more in a formal way
  • Personal Growth through feedback and mentors
  • Family
  • Prepare for the future - Goal X
Although not a long list, but I need it to be achievable. 

For the formal education part, I have enrolled to the University of Leicester for their MBA program run over two years.  That also starts me on the path of preparing for the future. Join me over the coming months on my journey.

2012 is going to be the year of my objectives, and the one that is at the top of the list is family!

[Grant Marais]